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Korean and Japanese cuisine

Tradition Dedication Authenticity

Our Master Chefs specialise in a variety of top quality Sushi. In addition one can and truly must enjoy our Korean and Japanese traditional culinary specialities.

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Crafting Culinary Experiences

Korean & Japanese Cuisine

Our Influence is Strong

We are active practitioners of a traditional art – our food. We are proud of being the first restaurant in Malta that is specialised in Korean and Japanese cuisine. Immerse yourself in our romantic and cosy lounge, we shall complete the atmosphere with delicious food.

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Korean BBQ

Exclusively from our Attard Outlet

Indulge in a traditional Korean barbecue experience at Club Sushi, located in the residential neighbourhood of Attard. We offers an authentic Korean barbeque experience in a cheerful and casual atmosphere in an outdoor garden with menu options such as beef bulgogi or Samgyeopsal (pork belly). Exclusively in our Club Sushi Attard outlet, we are pleased to present our guests with an experience they will never forget. From our menu options consisting of freshly prepared meats, and vegetables, you will experience a wide array of complex flavours that will truly give your palate a new perception of taste.


The tables come with an electric grill to cook the ordered food. Guests have full control of their first-hand experience on the grill, cooking the high-quality meats, accompanied by a varied list of Asian veggies, rice, and other sauces. The ritual is basic. Put a lettuce leaf in one hand and apply some ssamjang (fermented bean paste) to the base. Add one or two sides to the leaf and the cooked meat. Wrap the lettuce leaf into a ball, and you’re good to go! Fill, Wrap, Eat, Repeat.

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